Week 11 – Updates

When saying Frosty would have grown exponentially over the next few weeks, we weren’t joking at all!

In 7 days time Frosty managed to double their weight (from 7grams to 14 grams!), and stretch themselves another centimetre. Considering this in perspective, it’s such a huge leap!

Frosty’s liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys have started to function at 100% of their capacity: this means Frosty now has their own blood cells and has begun producing their own digestive enzymes and urine out of the amniotic fluid they ingest.

Even if it’s still not possible to feel it, Frosty can now fully stretch, bend and make faces. This isn’t triggered by anything in particular, it’s just a sort of a reflex: let’s consider it as a beta test for the upcoming months.

Oven updates

Finally the weight has started to ramp up slightly (45.6 kg – 100.5 lbs): there’s 50% of more blood circulating in the system, and this also explains the bloating and the ‘fullness’ look overall.

Breast looks enormous and is not easy to manage as it’s still very sore. This should get better by entering the second trimester. It should. Hopefully.

Other than that, this oven is happy and feeling strong, and is enjoying the journey so far!

Off to Amsterdam for a business trip this week, that will be Frosty’s first “undercover” travel!

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