Why “Frosty”

Hello world! We’re Franz and Stef, and we were expecting a baby due October 2019.

Our epic journey to enlarge our happy family has started in 2015, when Stef realised to have problems with her cycle. She was diagnosed with an ‘unknown’ infertility issue, probably related to a lean case of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

After many attempts to bring back a regular ovulation, we decided to seek the help of science by starting an IVF protocol – In Vitro Fertilisation.

Stef grew a huge number of eggs in a single round; the eggs got collected and fertilised in vitro with Franz’s sperm. The best ones ranked AA were preserved in a frozen environment, and a fresh one got immediately transferred on Oct 31st 2018, which unfortunately didn’t go through and resulted in a miscarriage.

We have documented our entire IVF path, week by week, with struggles and funny moments, on YouTube. Here’s the link to the IVF vlog series you can also watch on the playlist below.

After the failed fresh embryo transfer attempt, the first FET procedure (Frozen Embryo Transfer) resulted in a positive pregnancy.
We got a 5day frozen blastocyst transferred on Feb 7th 2019 – our very own and strong Frosty.

This is a blog where we document how Frosty is doing on their journey from their frozen first “house” to the outside world, through the warm environment of Stef’s oven tummy.

We couldn’t wait to meet our lovely Frosty: we chased and wanted them so much, and we already loved them way before they got out of the clinic’s freezer.

EDIT: Frosty is here! Here name is Lavinia Olympia, and is growing happy and naughty!

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