Week 10 – Updates

Our very own Frosty is the size of a fig this week, being around 4cm long and weighing about 7grams.

This week the placenta will start kicking in, meaning the blood will be fully circulating between the womb and Frosty.
This is also the first of a series of weeks (about three or four) where Frosty will double their size very fast.

All the vital organs have completed their formation, lowering the risk of congenital problems – and we’re all touching wood here.

Oven updates

Weight dropped inexplicably again to 44.8kg (98.7lbs), despite all the food eaten – and also some ‘junk’ food that never circulates in this system.

Tummy is still flat as a pancake, although the waistline is larger than last week. Hips are fluffy as Japanese pancakes too, and getting wider as well.
It’s a weird feeling looking at the mirror this way, and knowing that this is okay.

Lights don’t help in the pictures below, but the six pack is still here and well defined, despite the muscle loss happening – slow but inevitable.

Breast enlargement is starting to be something out of control.

No nausea events, some twitches here and there caused by the womb growing to accommodate Frosty.

Getting ready for the first work trip with Frosty “lurking” in 8 days time.

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