Week 9 – updates

Frosty is the size of a date now, measuring around 3 cm and weighting 4 gram. They’re starting to ramp up with their growth 😱

This week marks the end of Frosty’s “embryonic period” and the beginning of the “foetal” stage. All their main organs should be functioning now; the fingers and toes are getting properly separated.

Oven updates

Weight is stable at 45.2kg (99.6lbs) although on the Thursday we touched a concerning 44.8 – 98.7lbs. One only mild episode of nausea that’s been sorted out with a bunch of rice cakes. Food intake is constant and quite high, keeping the protein between 105 and 130gr daily.

Hips areas is getting fluffy much faster than the tummy. Waistline is enlarging as well as the breast.

Can’t believe we’re entering the third leg of the first trimester and the six pack in the belly is still hanging in there.

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