Week 8 – viability scan, antenatal appointment and updates

So many things happening this week!

What is the antenatal appointment

We met the midwife for the first time this week: Charlotte and another team of four midwives will follow us along the journey until past October.

The NHS site covers pretty much everything you need to know about the first – and the following – antenatal appointments.

What you may not know about it can fall into the following This-Week-I-Learnt things:

  • You need to pee on a cup
  • You get some blood collected – around three medium size test tubes
  • You must get a flu shot, no matter the season
  • You must need to book your pre-natal classes as soon as possible, as they get busy quickly – we booked them already for next September!

All in all, it was a pleasant time and Charlotte is such a sweet young lady. She looked sincerely excited at the idea of following Frosty along their journey to birth.

Frosty’s paparazzi

The fertility clinic discharged us with success – we’re now a “regular” expecting family! Before being discharged, the staff at the clinic performed an internal scan to make sure the cervix was well closed, and Frosty was there, alive and kicking.

The sonographer was so skilled – and Frosty was so well placed in the womb – that not only did she manage to see the heart beating, but also she made us HEAR it! This is kind of unusual as you can hear the heartbeat at around week 10/12.
It lasted only a bunch of seconds, but HOLY SHIT, this is happening for real.

Oven updates

Frosty is the size of a grape, measuring around 2.3 cm and weighting 2grams! Even though nothing can’t be felt yet, they have started moving around. The bones in their limbs are firming up, and their heart is now a four chambered mini-version of an adult heart.

Weight has dropped again – 45.2kg, 99.6lbs – although muscles tone is gradually recovering: the staff at the clinic gave us the green light to go back to training again. That was so emotional.
The midwife said to not worry too much about the weight loss at this stage.

A bit of bloating in the lower body, but that’s expected due to the hormones surge. It’s going to get worse on the upcoming months, so we’re bracing ourselves.

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