Week 7 – Updates

Frosty is the size of a raspberry, being 1.6cm long and weighting 1gram.
This week highlights see their internal organs getting shaped, such as the pulmonary system, even if Frosty won’t be using it until they are born.

The four paddles popped up last week are slowly growing into limbs; the cartilage will get strong and eventually turn into actual bones.

Oven update

Only one episode of nausea in 7 weeks – no vomits though. No exhaustion or extreme tiredness events. The oven looks the same as last weeks from outside, a part from a bit of bloating.

Sleep patterns are weird, with mostly daily awakenings at around 3:30am, and not able to sleep from 6am onwards.

Weight dropped again to 45.8kg (a bit less than 101lbs). Not sure if that should be a matter of concern.

The viability scan is scheduled for March 12th this week, in the hope of a confidence boost to go back to training after last week incident.

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