Week 6 – Updates and frights

Frosty’s quite a brighella already. The day marking week 6, Frosty decides to pull out a profuse amount of red blood, which urged us to pay a visit to A&E.

As the bleeding settled, the alert didn’t ease though. On the following Monday at the Sonning ward we met Frosty for the first time, one week before the viability scan scheduled for the following week.

Meet Frosty’s heart

Here it is, Frosty, all wrapped up in their oven, chilling, like nothing happened. From the scan in real time we could see their heart beating, like an intermitting tiny white-ish thing flashing within Frosty’s body.

If you have no idea what you’re looking at, here’s some indications (please note that cuore means heart in Italian.

Frosty is now the size of a blueberry, or a bee, if you will, measuring around 1.3 cm and weighing around 0.5gr.

Oven updates

The last weekend has been quite stressful and full of true fear. Stress usually causes major bloating which is also pretty visible in the pictures below.

Weight also dropped to 45.3kg (99.8lbs), but managed to recover to 46.1kg (101.6lbs) in the Monday after. Breast has never been so florid.

That’s not Frosty’s little wee – that’s my finger popping out from behind

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