Week 5 – Updates

Frosty is the size of a pumpkin seed. Their major organs are starting to develop out of the three main layers formed on week 4.
If the apple does not fall far from the tree, Frosty’s first organ to develop would be the stomach.

Their heart is creating the two chambers, and it’s possible that Frosty’s heart is already beating, though it’s unlikely it can be viewed by scan right now.

Oven updates

Weight is stable at 46.3kg (102 lbs – 5′ tall). According to the weight gain progression table pulled out from the Internet, the weight should be around a kilo heavier, however the Internet also says to not worry too much if there’s not weight gain right now. There will be time for that.

Also, not doing any weight lifting since Feb 7th, meaning there could have been some glycogen loss within the muscle fibres, resulting in the current weight – body composition re-arrange, in a nutshell.

Feeling bloated and fluffy, although it doesn’t look like that from the outside. No nauseas or nasty symptoms – only sore and enlarged breast.
Some mood swings, but manageable.

Enjoying this short time when there are not evident horrible pregnancy symptoms while being pregnant for real (considering another pregnancy test because #paranoia). Bracing ourselves for the next weeks coming forward.

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