Between week 4 and 5 – the test results

Feb 11th marks the last day of the infamous two week wait – which luckily was only eleven days, but seemed like eleven years.

At 5:10Am of Feb 11th, the first test result comes up. After a few minutes, the second test is ready too. Another couple of minutes, another test gets its feedback.

Two lines marks a positive outcome: the HcG hormone levels are so high that are detected in the urines. Hormones are flowing. Frosty attached themselves and has unleashed the power.

On Feb 12th, just to stay on the safe side, the fourth and last test comes up positive as well.

The wait ain’t over. It’s still unknown if the sac where Frosty is supposed to be living is populated by Frosty for real.
In fact, the sac might be empty, although it hatched.

The medical devices aren’t able to detect any heartbeat until week 6 or 7.
The viability scan is scheduled for March 12th at 7 weeks, 3 days.

The waiting seems less heavy now, though.

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