Three months of Frosty/Lavinia

This is the last month of the so-called “fourth trimester”. Our smiley baby is growing fast, learning tons of things and driving us crazy making us happy!

Not a newborn anymore

Lavinia has completely lost her newborn traits and aspects, and she looks more like a tiny little individual than a cute alien.

Her personality is emerging as well, making us discover new things about her every day. I love how Lavinia is not the only one learning lots of new stuff on a daily basis, although I have to admit she’s learning more than us, and way faster than us.

Sometimes I can almost hear her little brain working hard and absorbing all about the life out of mama’s womb.

Colours, music, sports and TV

While staying with her 24/7, I noticed some patterns that highlight what she likes or dislikes. Warm colours are her favourite, for example. She also laughs out loud when she hears “How I Met Your Mother” theme song, as well as some cartoon songs such as Pollon.

Since we’ve got a big wide TV in our living room, she’s naturally attracted by it and its loud, bright, changing colours. Among all the programs we watch, she gets particularly hooked by tennis and MMA. I might say that sport is a genetic disease!


I suppose that’s all my fault as I’ve been talking to her since week 11 of my pregnancy, and haven’t stopped since then. Here are some short samples of what I mean when I say that Lavinia is a chatterbox.

Big girl growing up

Far away are the times Frosty was only 8th percentile! Lavinia sits now on the 45th percentile, weighing 5.2kg!

She still eats every 3 or 4 hours, and generally needs a quick drink/snack (about 30 minutes nursing) at least once per night. She has managed to sleep throughout the night a couple of times though, which makes me hope that I will sleep 4 or 5 hours in a row very soon.

I am gently trying to put her on a sleep pattern already, although she might be still a bit early given she’s only 3 months old.

She still needs to fall asleep in our arms most of the times, but we’re gradually transitioning to self-asleep time by promoting it. For example, most of the mornings she tends to fall asleep on the bouncer by herself. When it happens I don’t move her from there, and I make sure I’m right there for snuggles when she wakes up.

She doesn’t like the carrycot anymore, and prefers to nap on the cot in the bedroom. We have installed a webcam and a move sensor (to check her breathing) in the cot to make sure she can nap in safety even if she’s alone in the room.

She’s also had her second round of vaccinations, and this time she showed off her inner warrior: she barely cried 20 seconds after the injection! As expected, the vaccinations are giving her a bit of tummy issues, but all in all she looks happy and content.

Happy and content

I take the last bit of the above sentence to sum up Lavinia’s first three months: she is a happy and content little monkey, and so we are.
We’ve been blessed with a healthy, smiley and serene baby. Some days can be hard and challenging, but we’ve heard so many horror stories of fussy and ill babies that we can’t really truly complain not even for one second.

Even when she is naughty and drives us crazy, it’s all well worth it and rewarded by this cheeky face.

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