Week 12 – Updates and post Amsterdam trip

That’s officially the beginning of the second trimester: we’re still not out of the woods yet, from now on the chances of a miscarriage drop tremendously.

Frosty is the size of a kiwi: I love kiwis, and I find weird to eat one of them now. I think I can stay one week without having a kiwi. It’s also amazing to know that even though Frosty is so small (around 7.5cm), they’re already pretty much well formed, as they have tiny little fingers, feet etc.

Frosty is now able to open and close their fists, and their mouth muscles can now contract: this means it won’t take long until Frosty will start sucking their thumb! That’s great practice for when they’ll be out 😉

The Amsterdam trip

Frosty behaved greatly during our trip in beautiful Amsterdam: I bet they enjoyed the long walks I took along the canals, as the weather was sunny although chilly. We also had great food, and we did not waste any chance to try everything at least twice. The hunger is growing day by day here.

The company was also TOP: my colleagues are the best buddies in the world, and I enjoyed the insightful training days I attended, also thanks to their contribution to discussions and topics treated. I left Amsterdam feeling inspired and with many ideas to try and implement at work.

The “Baby on Board” pin attached to my coat works and helps sometimes, along with receiving lots of free smiles from people crossing my path.

Oven updates

Despite all the huge Amsterdam meals and snacks and after-dinner snacks (glorious, glorious breakfasts also!) the weight has remained steady (45.5 kg – 100.3 lbs).

The plane trips always result in some bloating that stays for a couple of days, but it’s not a big deal.

Breast keeps growing so much that the biggest bra can’t barely contain it.

Still nothing very visible apparently from the outside; it seems like women with a tight abdomen tend to show the bump later, despite being very lean.

I found out that by exaggerating the tummy at rest, we can get a gist of what a bump should look like:

We’ll have the 12week check-in scan tomorrow. Feeling a bit tense here, but also excited to see how Frosty has grown in 5 weeks.

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