Week 16 – Updates

Frosty is the size of a big orange this week, and is as big as the placenta.
They measure around 13cm and weigh 140g.

Frosty’s skin is getting thicker, meaning they’re gaining some fat tissue. Their hearing has improved a little more this week, and they should be able to pick also some noise coming from outside.

I started to feel like Frosty is growing for real, as movements are becoming clearer and stronger than just flutters.

After some nudging and attempts, Franz was eventually also able to feel Frosty moving: he felt them on a night when Frosty was particular active and in a “tornado” mode. I will never forget the face Franz pulled when he felt Frosty moving.

Oven updates

Up 200g this week (46.4kg today – 102.3lbs, from last week’s 46.2kg – 101.8lbs). I am still 400g lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.
From week 16 onwards I should be gaining around 500g per week.

Oven is starting to raise and popping out: still Franz trolls me saying that it looks like I’m only very very slightly bloated, but I can assure you all that I begin feeling the oven here getting bigger from the inside.

Everybody keeps asking Franz (and myself) how I’m doing, the answer is always – luckily – the same: I am doing great and I’m enjoying the ride. I feel full of energy 99% of the times, even though I have some troubles sleeping sometimes. I have never been a great sleeper, so I expected the pregnancy would affect one my weaknesses – the sleeping department.

Having also some minor blood pressure ups and downs as well, but I’ve never been below any worrisome low pressure levels.

I had to tweak some exercises at the gym to avoid putting unwanted pressure on Frosty: so far that’s resulting in putting more pressure on my back, so my PT and I are working to find the sweet spot. I am also getting back some strength and power by adding more weight load on my current (lame) deadlift numbers.

That makes me feel so empowered as I know all the work I’m putting at the gym is to make Frosty stronger and get myself ready for the delivery and the postpartum shenanigans.

Frosty facts on Instagram stories

I found this funny product at Tesco (didn’t buy it, but the package makes me giggle) that inspired a quick AMA/ Frosty’s facts on Instagram Stories:

You can check that on my Instagram account @eraniapinnera right under the bio – there’s a Frosty’s fact icon you can click. Also, here’s the direct link to that IG stories 🙂

Next: midwife appointment

Midwife appointment is scheduled for next Friday: it’s a check-in on how I’m doing, some blood and urine tests, hear Frosty’s heart, and discuss other details about the labour and the delivery. Not sure if there will be something else to touch base on, as the pregnancy file the NHS gave us is SO big and full of information I can’t keep up with it! 😱

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