Week 15 – Updates

Frosty is the side of an avocado! I also guess they’re having a guacamole party in there, and I also guess they like having it every time I lie down, as the flutters and “knocking” (they’re not really kicks… yet!) happen most of the times when I’m not rocking them moving around.

Frosty’s bones are hardening day by day, getting in fact ready to turn their flutters into real footballer’s kicking.
Even though Frosty’s eyes are still shut, and probably not able to open and close at the minute, they’re fully developed; this also means that Frosty can perceive some bright light filtering from the outside.

Their hearing is getting better and better as well: not only Frosty should be able to hear all the oven’s rumbles (yes, I’m always hungry) and my heartbeat, but they should also be able to hear my voice pretty clearly. I suppose it won’t take long for them to start recognising it.
I asked Franz to start playing for Frosty then: as a bass player, that sounds like a plan (pun intended), as Frosty’s hearing is more tuned on low frequency at this stage.

Oven updates

Up 100gr this week (46.2kg today – 101.8lbs, from last week’s 46.1kg – 101.6lbs). The gain is slow and steady, which seems to be the best gain possible – makes a happy, pleased dance.
My nutrition is solidly focused on high lean proteins, not refined carbs, as many (good) fats as possible, and tons of veggies and fibres. To cut the story short, my diet hasn’t changed much if not in terms of calorie intake: from around 2200cals, I am pushing to 2800/3000 calories daily. If you have no idea how a 5-feet-tall person could eat all those calories, I invite you to be 4 months pregnant and constantly more hungry than usual, and thirsty as hell, more than usual.

The flat-as-a-pancake tummy shows timid signs of growth – not sure if it’s bloating or Frosty, though:

I tried blowing and exaggerating my tummy, and this is the result: you can see a bloated belly with prominent abs and a horrible posture (look at my scapulas and how badly rotating outwards they are).

I can see the bump though – and a lot of cellulite. I you don’t see it (the bump, not the cellulite), make an effort!

Ovens comparing and silly surveys!

While scrolling the #15weekspregnant Instagram feed and stories, I mostly see women with a bump. Only bikini competitors and pro fitness or personal trainer ladies show sometimes a flat tummy like mine.

This generated a series of trolling from my extended family and mostly my husband, who also launched a survey that got popular pretty soon among his friends and IG followers (facepalms):

Still waiting for the results – I voted “Shut up Franz”. What would you vote?

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