Week 14 – Updates

This week Frosty has grown the size of a pear, about 10cm long. We did picture their size with our hands to see how long they are at the moment, and WOW – I can’t believe a mini-human being THIS big is currently living and growing in my tummy.

Apparently, Frosty spends the majority of their time sleeping: the more they sleep, the better and faster they can grow!
I sort of perceived one of the moments they were awake. I was lying flat on the bed and felt a thump, like a strong flutter, that made me gasp. It was such an absolute frightening, and wonderful moment. Franz was with me, as it was bed time, and the only thing he managed to tell me was “Leave Frosty alone, let them be!” 😂

This is a mockup of what Frosty should look like this week, taken from an app that Franz, myself and my sister are using. It’s called Pregnancy+, and is full of interesting (fun) facts about pregnancy, useful information and practical insights. You can set your role (mother, father, auntie, grandparents, etc), and the content will come up daily and customised for you and your role in the baby’s life.

It’s a free app, and is available for iOS and also for Android.
Maybe the baby mockup may look a bit creepy, but overall I do like the app.

Oven updates

The weight is steadily going up (46.1kg today – 101lbs, from last week’s 45.9kg). I am still far from my pregnancy weight (47.3kg), but I suppose this is due to the lean/muscle mass I lost when I got pregnant – hello friendly pregnancy hormones!

According to every source I checked online, I should expect my weight gain ramping up over the next few days and weeks. While that doesn’t scare me, I still find strange that I’m okay with the idea of gaining actual fat.

The breast situation is still critical: I had to discontinue 70% of my bras, and I’m waiting the (soon to happen) next size upgrade to go shopping for maternity / nursing bras. Breast is still also pretty sore, and I’m still waiting for the ache to get better.

Oven is still no showing anything, but I can swear to you it starts popping up! When laying completely flat on my back, I could feel a bubble between the belly button and the pubic area.

Cellulite is growing at the same pace as Frosty’s, while the waist line is getting larger.

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