Week 13 – Welcome second trimester (and updates)

24 weeks to go!

The worst should be over: the first trimester is water under the bridge, and we welcome the second trimester! In fact from now on, touching wood, the chances of miscarriage drop exponentially.

Happy Easter from the oven!

Frosty needs to start getting familiar with their parents being two true brighella, hence this first innocent joke we did to wish everyone a happy Easter:

Of course the best is for sure yet to come – Frosty has NO idea what sort of silly and funny things we’re going to do with them once they’re out! 😀

Growing at the speed of light

Frosty is now the size of a peach and is growing at the speed of light. Everything is fine tuning: internal organs, skin, bones, muscles, nervous system etc.

Frosty is practicing lots of stuff they’ll start performing the moment they’ll get out of the oven, such as breathing, sucking, facial expressions, libs mobility. We saw the little tornado in action earlier during the routine scan, so there is no doubt they’re doing their homework already.

Oven updates

This week we had a grand total of 400gr (0.88lbs) weight gain – from 45.5kg to 45.9kg (from 100.3lbs to 101.2lbs). It’s not a lot, but it means it’s a quality gain, if you see what I mean.

Oven still looks as flat as pancake from the outside, though the feeling of holding a “bubble” is getting more persistent as the time goes by.

The lights in our living room don’t give kudos to my six pack, but also Franz can swear it’s hanging in there!

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