Week 17 – Updates SOUND ON!

Lots of stuff happening this week! We’ve officially entered the 5th month of gestation, with Frosty’s kickings getting stronger day by day.

Frosty’s development keeps going at a fast pace on many areas: from the skin to their coordination skills, including their nervous system, the placenta and the umbilical cord.

Frosty is now the size of a pomegranate, while my uterus is bigger than a small cantaloupe.

The most exciting news, though, came on Friday at my check-in with the midwife!

Midwife appointment and Frosty’s live heartbeat

All the urine and blood tests came out very well, with all my blood levels, iron, vitamins etc being very nice and strong.

I found out I will need to attend a gazillion of appointments at the hospital and with the GP over the next two months. It’s a mix and match (no kidding!) of:

IVF follow ups;
– Preliminary checks with the anesthetists due to my allergies in case I need medications during the delivery;
– Routine checks with the GP;
– Whooping cough vaccination;
– Glucose blood samples to rule out any potential gestational diabetes;
– Anomaly scan;

I think I forgot to mention some of them; there will be also three antenatal classes we’ve already booked for beginning of September, plus breastfeeding classes I still need to check out.

But the highlight of the appointment was the chance of hearing Frosty’s heartbeat again!

During the 12th week scan we couldn’t hear it as our little tornado was moving around too much, and the sonographer couldn’t pick up their heartbeat. This time we did it, thanks also to the midwife’s patience!
Here it is:

Skip to minute 0:44 as the noise before is just Frosty moving around!

Oven updates

Up other 200g this week (46.6kg today – 102.7lbs, from last week’s 46.4kg – 102.3lbs). I am still 200g lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.
As the weight gain is steady and constant, I’m not worried about it anymore.

I can definitely see my abs’ getting tired and less prominent, as well as my waistline cruising to a future non-existing status.
It’s clear that my abdomen is letting room for a softer bump starting from below my belly button area:

I hope my six pack will come back once I deliver Frosty out. I am missing my washboard already.

We also received Frosty’s travel system and crib (see below). The delivery man who brought the travel system asked me if I’m pregnant with an apple as he couldn’t believe I’m 5 months preggo.

I found it funny and rude at the same time. I start not to tolerate the blame people are putting on me because I’m not showing.

Baby shopping: crib and travel system ✅

Franz and I are pretty minimalistic and spartans, so we haven’t gone crazy with baby shopping so far – and we doubt we’ll do also in the future.

We found two interesting bargains online that brought us to already purchase the crib and the travel system for Frosty.

Here’s the crib:

That’s the travel system: carrycot, pram/pushchair, and car seat which attaches also to the pushchair structure. It came with lots of add-ons also.

We reckoned that the prices we saw were worth the hurry, so we bought them so much time in advanced. Another bunch of things already checked off before I will feel too cumbersome to do anything!

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