Eleven months of Frosty/Lavinia

While the 1st birthday approaches faster than I expected, we’re watching our little tornado transitioning from a lovely baby to a naughty funny toddler.

So many expressions

Among all the skills in development, the poker-face one is sorely missing. Lavinia is quite an expressive little person, capable of pulling a ridiculous number of different faces.

Even if she can’t talk in proper English or Italian yet (but oh my if she chats!), she’s able to communicate vocally and with facial expressions. She’s also starting to point fingers at things, put her hands in front of something she rejects, and move her head as a ‘No’.

It’s beautiful to witness her blossoming into a toddler. It looks almost unreal to me.

Lavinia, the food explorer

Lavinia’s yummy adventures continue and are full of new tastes and food to try. She’s experimenting mostly with textures, as she likes everything she’s tried so far.

For example, she loves broccoli when they’re mashed, but isn’t married with broccoli as finger food. I guess this is related to her only two teeth: chewing some food can be tricky, and might slow down her eating process — and she’s too hungry for waiting!

The lack of more teeth hasn’t blocked her to enjoy some bits of my pizza, though.

Our outdoors walks continued as well; this past month we ate out a couple of times too. We enjoyed the last bit of summer, and now we’re getting ready for the cold weather – hoping it won’t be again dump and rainy!

New skills achieved!

Our childminder Hailey put Lavinia at work with paints and colours, and she delivered a picture with her foot and handprint. It’s nothing fancy or artistic, however, that’s the most beautiful piece of craft art for me.

She’s now very confident in standing up and cruising from a piece of furniture to another, if they’re quite close. She’s stable on her legs but still wobbly on her steps; I have no doubt she’ll be walking sooner than we thought.

She likes staying in a standing position so much that one day she wanted to have a whole meal standing by the coffee table. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Her grip and the way she manipulates objects have dramatically improved this past month.

Among all these new skills and achievements, the funniest one is her way to hide and reveal herself. She loves playing peekaboo. On the first picture below, you can clearly see how difficult it has been for us to spot her, as she hid very carefully. We couldn’t see her at all 😂
Then she revealed herself, for our relief. We thought we lost her!

Your monthly allowance of Vinnie’s videos

Enjoy Lavinia imitating Franz, doing her favourite thing in the world (eating bread), helping me (not!) sort out her clothes, playing peekaboo and being herself – a smiling, beautiful happy baby.

2 thoughts on “Eleven months of Frosty/Lavinia

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful photos of Lavinia. I love them. She is a delightful young lady! Checking them has become a highlight of my day. I’m sorry I haven’t replied much sooner!
    I am getting older and have moved to a different village which offers more support which I really need.
    Corona virus has been difficult because we are in lockdown. At least Carmen can come to see me now which is great.
    keep well and enjoy your lovely daughter! She is such a character!
    Love from Jan.


    1. Hey Jan!

      So nice to hear from you 🙂 I am so glad to know that Lavinia brings some ray of sunshine down under to you!

      I am happy to know you relocated to a better place where people can assist you in the best way possible. This pandemic is hitting hard here too, please look after yourself and be careful.

      Sending lots of hugs all over! xxx


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