Ten months of Frosty/Lavinia

The year mark is fast approaching, and it looks like Lavinia wants to celebrate it being able to stand up. Plus, we had some visitors!

What’s good and what’s new

We had a couple of rough nights this month due to teething. The first tooth is entirely up now, and the second one has just cut the gum. From the way Lavinia touches her gums, I suspect that the next ones will be in the upper lateral incisors. 

Now that she sports some tusks, she loves biting. Having meals is being even more fun than usual! Food is not the only thing she likes biting: she’s got something for mummy’s nose too.

We still go out for long walks, mostly with the baby carrier as it’s easier to manage than a stroller. We also finally enjoyed a post-pandemic pub afternoon: Lavinia had her half-pint too.

Family time has been more lovable and serene now that we have established some work/life balance, as she goes to the daycare with Hailey.

Daycare updates!

It’s been a little bit over a month now, and Hailey – our childminder – is delighted on the way Lavinia has settled in. Lavinia has established a solid routine of naps/play/eat, and she gets along with all the other kids very well—they’re all older than her.

We’re also pleased with Hailey. She’s very professional and skilled; Lavinia liked her almost immediately. Hailey is a sort of mythological creature for me, as Lavinia naps up to three hours in a row at her place! Wish I had her magic touch.

Hailey spends lots of time outdoors with the children. She recently brought Lavinia and the rest of the gang on a picnic at the park. She also shares many pictures of Lavinia, which brighten my mornings working at my desk. It’s so lovely for me to seeing Lavinia playing with other children and having fun at the playground. She can play independently alone for many hours here at home, so the idea of her playing and learning from older kids kind of warms my heart.

Uncle and auntie were here!

After so many months of isolation and Facetime chats, my sister and her partner Michele were finally able to fly to the UK to visit us. They had to go through a ridiculous red tape and many COVID-19 tests before getting the green lights, but it was all worth it. 

Lavinia was initially shy and sceptical with them, but it didn’t last long. She loved kissing auntie and uncle, playing with them and chatting, chatting chatting. They had so many topics to catch-up with after all these months of isolation, am I right?

We spent the best couple of days since forever. I can’t recall the last time I felt so in peace with the universe.  

Your monthly amount of cute videos

Grab your biggest bag of popcorn, and enjoy our funny baby girl!

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