One month of Frosty/Lavinia

It seems like a moment ago, and a thousand years at the same time: our very own Lavinia, formerly known as Frosty, is one month old already!

30 days have already passed since the early morning I was opened like a sleeping bag and I met this little missy!

Lavinia has by now regained the 200g she lost after her birth, and is now bulking up at a steady pace, which is great.

She’s entering the so-called “purple crying” time, so Franz and I are bracing ourselves for more fussy times coming.
She occasionally needs comfort from us – especially from me – as a reminder of the old times when she was all cozy in my womb, but that’s really all! We’ve been blessed so far with a serene and good baby, as Lavinia isn’t a fussy at all: she cries mostly when she needs something.

We’re still getting to know each other, and I can proudly say we’re making a great team! Breastfeeding is going nice and smooth, and we’re learning so many things about each other.

Sleep deprivation is real and a bit of a struggle, however I feel so privileged to be able to breastfeed her that I don’t care about complaining 🙂
She’s just recently discovered how to smile at me when I talk, which pays off all the sleepless nights and this temporary unscheduled daily life.

Time is flying for real, and I’m making sure to cherish every single second of it–baby grows so fast, and so is Lavinia!

Despite all the new challenges, and even though I still don’t feel all right in my own skin and I can’t be as active as usual, I can say that this is legitimately the most exciting and beautiful time of my life.

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