Week 39 – The excruciating waiting game

Parents are here and waiting with Franz and I for the labour to start at any time, though it seems like Frosty doesn’t have any intention to get out soon. My bump has finally dropped a little, meaning that the big day is getting closer – and most of all, there’s even more room for glorious food!

Frosty’s developments

We can’t talk about developments anymore if not related with all the brown fat Frosty is supposed to be gaining! The Frosty hot topic here, which is also amusing my parents at a level I’ve never seen so far, is the way Frosty is moving… or to be more clear, the hot news is when Frosty is NOT moving!

We can see feet, fists and elbows kicking and punching my belly as Frosty is training themselves for a pay-per-view UFC event. And I’m enjoying every single (painful, sometimes) minutes of it until they last!

Oven updates

This week I weighed myself every day to monitor it being closer to the big day. My weight fluctuated between 50.5kg (111.3lbs) to 51.1kg (112.6lbs) – last week I weighed 50.8kg (111.9lbs). This means that at my heaviest I should have gained only 300g from last week.

The good news is that finally the bump has dropped. It doesn’t say anything certain about the beginning of labour, but it’s a least a clue that something is moving, and my body is getting ready.

I haven’t stopped lifting weights yet; I thought of lowering down the loads but I still feel so good and strong for doing it, so I don’t see why I should!

A very young personal trainer at my gym asked me please to not break my waters while they were on duty as they have no idea on what to do if that happens! We then laughed together about that as I have no idea as well. I guess I only need to ring my midwife and fasten the seatbelts for the contractions incoming.

Dealing with the waiting game

I usually don’t talk with objects, but I found this a very good way to channel out the impatience. Every time Frosty kicks or punches me, and I complain about that, my mother immediately asks “Is that a contraction coming?”
Eh, mother, nope, not yet! And then her disappointed face brings me to speak again with objects.

The parents invasion

Well, it’s not technically an invasion as they’re living on a flat four floors upstairs. That’s brilliant as this will allow us to establish a routine with Frosty straight away at our place, and at the same time my parents will be able to sleep properly and thus be much more helpful when the baby and the sleep deprivation will drive me crazy.

As I’m still working, they spend the day at their place upstairs, or wandering around the town. They also come downstairs when I’m working to watch Netflix, or I go upstair during my breaks. Then we meet after work and have dinner together.

What’s next: more scans and maybe a baby

If I don’t go into labour over the weekend, I have another scan next Tuesday–when I will be 39 weeks and six days– to check again on Frosty and the placenta. Depending on the situation, the medical staff will decide whether it’s the case to induce the birth or let nature do its thing.

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