Week 38 – It’s all fair game!

My alert radars are all spread up and scanning every single clue that could lead me to the beginning of the labour. In fact, since last week every moment could be a good moment to start the manoeuvres to bring Frosty into the world. Meanwhile, my little tornado is busy kicking my ribs!

Frosty’s developments

As Frosty is basically already well formed and ready to come out, these last few weeks of gestations aim to gain brown fat and keep developing their brain functions. Frosty’s coordination is nice and fine now as well as their five senses.

Scan’s results and plan going forward

The last scan and measurements showed a constant growth, which moved Frosty from the 11th percentile to the 14th. The ObGyn was happy to rule out any possible birth induction for now since the placenta, although slowly ageing, is still working very well.

The doctor also asked me about the option of stretching my gestation naturally at least until week 40: some women in my situation prefer to be induced, given the circumstances. Sometimes women go for an induction also if their bump make them particularly uncomfortable, but that’s not my case.

Even though right now I can’t wait to meet Frosty, I decided to let nature do its course, and I’m (not!) patiently waiting for labour to start naturally.

Coping with the waiting, my own way

There is nothing worse and more excruciating than the 15 days waiting after the fresh embryo transfer, let me tell you that. Thanks to that, I am finding the waiting to go into labour somehow easy to cope with, although I’m still quite impatient!

The doctors and the midwives suggested to keep my routine as it is, and not changing anything unless I feel I have to. So the only changes I made are on working more hours from the sofa, and dropping some kg I lift at the gym, just to stay on the safest side. I also published this Instagram post to be vocal about all the prejudices around pregnancy vs daily life pre-preg.

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I'm tired of hearing that pregnancy = sick! . Unless you're having medical problems or your gestation isn't going well, you don't need to stop doing anything you've been doing before getting pregnant. . This is my warm-up deadlift series at 50kg being #38weekspregnant. Lifting 45kg less than my preggo routine, sitting at 51kg (112.4lbs) bodyweight, 4kg/8.8lbs heavier than pre-preggo — but with 2.7kg of baby! As you can see, I look confident and not in distress at all when lifting. On the opposite, that helps me keep my energy levels high, have the better sleep possible, and maintain my muscles and bones strenght to sustain the weight of the baby I'm growing. . Unless the doctors advice you against it, keeping yourself active and strong both physically and mentally is the best pamper you can give yourself in such unreal state of grace. I can go into labour at any time, yet I'm still able to do amazing stuff. . Don't believe to people saying you're weak just because you're pregnant! Show off your baby your mighty badassery, and enjoy your wonderful journey. . . . #pregnantwoman #pregnancydiary #pregnancylife #pregnancyjourney #thirdtrimester #pregnantwomen #38weekspregnancy #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #ivfsupport #ivfpregnancy #ivfcommunity #ivfsuccessstory #babygrowth #givingbirth #givingbirthsoon #pregnancyfit #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyfiitnessjourney #pregnancyfitnesstips #pregnancyfitspo #pregnancyfitnessmotivation #fitpregnant #fitpregnancytips #fitpregnancyjourney #fitpregnancy #fitpregnantmom

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Needless to say I received a lot of judgmental comments along with kudos.

To balance the negativity, here’s also the probably only gym selfie that Franz, Frosty and I have taken in 38 weeks! Weird isn’t it? This is also most likely the last time we have enjoyed the gym together.

Franz and I both think it’s not a big loss all in all, and we look forward to the next selfie at the gym with Frosty: we want to see a full 3 pairs of guns flexing next time!

Oven updates

I went down 😱 from 51kg (112lbs) of last week to this week 50.8kg (111.9lbs). It’s only 200g less than last week, though it’s strange that a woman about to give birth loses weight instead of keep gaining it, isn’t it?
After nudging the Internet, I found out it could be a bit of reduction in amniotic fluid, which can happen. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Still no bump dropping, meaning Frosty isn’t “engaged” yet. I have faith that will happen at some point, otherwise I won’t be able to give birth naturally 😱
I am still feeling very good in my own skin, and I wish every women could experience that from week 1 till week 38 as I did.

Since this could be the last time I take pics of my little tornado in my actual womb, here are also some of this week’s bloopers – after 38 weeks you finally know I’m not good with the automatic shutter 😀

110% ready to welcome Frosty

We got a new car as the old one completely died. Franz was so sad about it, but on the other hand I see this as a “circle of life” kind of thing. Our old car brought us everywhere and to the many many trips to the fertility clinic while we were “making” Frosty; now that Frosty is ready to be welcomed into this world, we have a new car to bring them everywhere. It poetically makes sense, doesn’t it?

In other news, the very first thing for Frosty I wanted to arrange at home has eventually become the very last thing I sorted out: the nappy changing station! Been saying at work that I’d fix it soon (as during video calls you can see that in the background), and I only did it a couple of days ago. Not sure my coworkers will be able to spot it on the next call, because I don’t know if I’ll have another call with them until next April!

Next: parents incoming, and maybe a Frosty too

My parents are coming tomorrow (next Sunday) from Italy. We got them a two bedrooms flat in our same building, four floors upstairs! They’re staying here until end of November, to help us kick start with Frosty.

The best thing is that they’re having their own place, meaning they will be able to sleep, hence be lucid and 100% helpful. On top of that, Franz and I will be staying at home alone with Frosty from day one, and this will allow us to start building our routines with Frosty immediately. This way, when my parents go back to Italy I should be able to keep going with my new life without suffering too much the void of missing parents helping.

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