Week 36 – Scan and growth curve happy news (finally)

Frosty is officially ready to make their debut to this world. The last scan showed positive growth developments, and all the (few) weight I put on over the last two weeks is baby weight.

Frosty’s developments

This week Frosty is 99.9% ready to go, should labour starts at any time. Their lungs are ready to take their first breath, and everything else is ready too. These last few weeks baking in my oven are going to be thick gravy goodness pun intended: the more Frosty stays in the oven, the more brown fat they gain to get out being stronger and heavier.

How did the last scan go?

I had another scan last Tuesday to check on Frosty’s position and growth. Turned out they are finally cephalic, meaning they’re head down, pushing my bladder even more, if anything.

Provided they won’t move too much around (which they are doing!) they will be eventually positioned that way at the moment of the delivery.
I learnt that nothing is certain with babies though – and with little tornado here – so we’ll see how they’ll place themselves when labour starts. Cross your fingers for us.

Size wise, the growth curve shows cautious but positive improvements: Frosty gained 400g (0.8lbs) since the last scan, moving from 8th percentile to 11th. This puts us just a tiny little bit above the alert threshold, as the line between any potential danger and the “normality” is the 10th percentile.

I like to think of Frosty’s growth curve now like a rainbow half parabola: I’m usually not that cheesy, but this image makes me feel positive and happy.

I’m going to have another scan in fourteen days (38th week) to make sure Frosty’s growth curve is still going up; and most importantly, that they’re well positioned.

Oven updates

Went up only 100g this week – from 50.5kg (111lbs) to current 50.6kg (111.55lbs).

It’s funny how my baby has grown 400g in two weeks, while I gained only 500g across the same time span. This means everything I’m gaining is 90% baby weight, which is great news, I guess. The last 100g of my weight gain I suppose is breast growth, as I had to discontinue another gym bra being so tight I couldn’t breathe.

My legs and back continue their journey to fatty world, but I keep repeating myself that’s only temporary. I will be back strong and muscled up.

Midwives home visits

I had two midwives visit me at home this week. They ran the usual checks, and reassured me about Frosty’s size and growth developments. They found me being still quite fit, able to move around with no problems at all, and full of energy. They told me that’s very unusual for a woman at my pregnancy stage!

The bump still looks very tiny (to me it’s enormous, but that’s another story), however they believe that’s just the right size of bump I should sport. One of them also praised my solid core status whilst taking the fundal height measurement: that’s good clue my muscles are keeping everything nice and tight, making the bump look smaller.

The midwives went through my birth plan and complimented me for putting together a very solid one. They acknowledged I am not scared or worried about giving birth, and I’m not afraid of feeling pain — yet.

I told them Franz and I are more focused (and excited) than anything else, and they said that’s not common at all among first-time parents.
That made me feel we’re in the best mental place possible as individuals, and as a couple. Franz and I have always been a great team, and I’m sure we’ll show this off once again when it’s time to bring this baby to the world together — Franz will be, in fact, my only designated birth partner.

Sister is here

Midwives are not the only ones visiting this house: as mentioned last week, I’m typing while my sister is on a train from the airport!

She offered to help me sort out the last very few things on my Frosty’s list, though I’ve been overly productive and I nailed all of them!
If Frosty will come to this world now, we’re all set.

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