Week 35 – Checklists and busy calendars

Thank you all very much for all the love and support after the last horrible week. I’m back on the fairly-legit-happiness train, and get the last details ready for Frosty’s debut.

Frosty’s developments

According to many sources online, Frosty should be 47.4cm long, and weighing 2.6kg. We know alas that’s not really that way, but I keep the baby-is-very-healthy-nevertheless flag proudly high.

As all their organs are now ready to function (only the lungs still need a bit of more time to be 100% ready), the main focus of Frosty’s growth this week is again to load on brown fat. The brown fat – as opposed to the white fat, which is the adipose fat adults gain on their bellies and thighs – is the fatty tissue that ensures a good body temperature control.

I also read pretty much everywhere that my baby is probably sleeping for 90% of their time. That made me laugh out loud because Frosty has changed their status from tornado to hurricane. I suppose they does move also when sleeping (Hello, daddy Franz! Your baby is screaming your genes!).

Oven updates

Went up from last week 50.1kg (110.4lbs) to current 50.5kg (111lbs). Only 400g of gain. I am a bit disappointed as I hoped for a bit more.

I have the feeling that my bump has grown exponentially this week, but I’m also afraid that’s only a mind trick to persuade myself that all the worries and dark thoughts I had last week were totally unjustified.
These images below are from last week and today. You can judge and let me know if I’m wrong.

The very last ultimate checklist

Along with all the love and support I received after my horrible past week, I’ve kept receiving unwanted unsolicited advice from basically everyone. I know people do it with love, and because they leverage their mistakes and hot tips who made their life easier; however, depending on my mood and hormones rollercoaster, I find it either useful or annoying.

In any case, I graciously accepted all the feedback over the last 9 months, and I can finally say we’ve almost ticked out our entire Frosty’s arrival to-do list. We have also sorted out (well, almost) the childcare matter for when I’ll go back to work next spring.

The very last few things we still have to fully finalise are:

  • Meals prep to put into the freezer
  • Car seat drop in/out rehearsal (take #171531, better safe than sorry)
  • Get a baby bath tub
  • Get more AA batteries for my electric breast pump, hoping I’ll have milk to express – but I leave this for another post.

The rest is literally ready to go. In case my waters break in this very moment, the only thing that’s not ready for labour time is me. I mean, I am ready, it’s just that I’m not, and probably I will never be.

What’s next?

Next week is going to be a very busy week for me and Frosty. I’ll be starting the handover at work with my colleague Karen, finally involving her into wrangling tasks, and explaining to her what I do. I trust Karen very much and I’m so glad and excited to temporarily pass the baton to her.

I have another scan and follow up with the doctor to check on Frosty’s growth on Tuesday, and on Friday the midwife will pop in at home for another round of checks on Frosty.

My sister will be arriving on Saturday, to spend some time with me and my bump.

My sister Sara and I on one my my first gym sessions after the doctors allowed me to go back to beast mode with Frosty at week 8

She was the first person in my family to “see” me pregnant, when she came here last March – I was only a couple of months pregnant.

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