Week 29 – Updates and concerns

While Frosty is busy growing their brain mostly, my brain is growing lots of concerns (again) around my weight. I am also developing some worries about any birthing breech position, and a strong desire of not sharing Frosty with anyone. I’ve been wearing very special maternity outfits – you can choose and pick your fav one!

Frosty’s developments

This week Frosty’s growth is focused on their brain, therefore a massive growth in their size is not expected. They are still as big as a pumpkin, so no problem 😂

Frosty is now able to kind of see properly, although the womb must be quite a dark place. The light can filter through my skin though, so I try to stay as much shirtless as possible: this baby is a sunshine in my life already, and I want them to be surrounded by light and positive vibes from the very beginning of their (pre)life.

Apparently Frosty may (or may not!) start positioning for birth from now on. By 32 weeks, only three out of four babies have turned into the right position; by full-term, only 3 to 4% of babies will be breech. I try not to worry about Frosty’s potential birthing breech position for now. I said I try.

I feel Frosty rolling and moving around more than often, and that amuses me A LOT. Sometimes their kicks and pokes can be painful, but all in all I love this sort of pain and sore. I wish I could keep Frosty in here with me forever, protecting them from any fear, disease, failures, pain, mistakes, and injustice of this world.

I wish I couldn’t share their precious life with anyone. I know it’s very selfish of me.

Oven updates

With mixed feelings, this week I found out that instead of gaining weight, I lost some: walking at 49.3kg – 108.6lbs – while last week I weighed 49.7kg – 109.5lbs.

I don’t know what to think as I’m feeling great as always, and the bump is progressing – I had to discontinue another tight!

On the other hand, it’s not normal to not gaining weight in a stage of the gestation where usually women kind of “explode”. Not complaining about being able to walk and move around very smoothly, however I wonder if I’m just losing muscles, or worse.

From the first pic above, the one on the side, by looking at the gluteus it really seems like that’s it. As lean tissue weighs more than fat, and my bum loses its toned shape, my weight moves to the lower end instead of going up.

It’s not easy to see my body heading to this direction, and losing its strength, tone and definition – accepting the lost of strength is especially tough.

My maternity clothes shopping

I have been reading articles and advice about what kind of maternity clothes to buy since week 12; at week 29, I still haven’t bought any!

This is possibly because I’m petite, so the “regular” women size sort of fits me now, and I don’t need to check the kids section to find something I fancy that actually matches my size!

I purchased a couple of tights a size up than my regular one, as well as a couple of tops that can accommodate my breast at this stage: I hope I can keep wearing them also after the delivery because I really like the size of my breast at the moment!

Franz and my sister gifted me with some brilliant pregnancy tops to show off at the gym. I started wearing some of them way before my bump popped up, just to make sure people were well aware of my state of grace.

What’s your favourite one?

Next week’s planning

I will focus on the nursery station we’re putting together on a corner in the office room. Franz is consolidating his two workstations (work and music) to leave room for a changing table.

We’re basically using one of our desks with drawers where we place the changing mat. Under the desk there’s a chest of drawers where to put all the things nappies and changing. We still don’t know if that’s efficient, so we also have a plan B in case that solution won’t work out 🙂

2 thoughts on “Week 29 – Updates and concerns

  1. Every mum wants to protect their baby from everything and anything. Even though my ‘babies’ are 27, 25 and 18 I still feel the same way!! With a kind, supportive and loving environment to grow up in, don’t worry, little Frosty will learn to take whatever life throws their way.
    I went through a few weeks of not putting weight on when it was ‘expected’ that I should, and to no ill effect. Weight goes up and down all the time, even with a baby. Frosty will be taking what they need from you so he’ll be growing just fine.
    Looking forward to the big day! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the reassuring words, Steph! I do expect now a huge weight bump this week as a compensation, and if it won’t come I’ll check that with the midwife just to stay on the safest side 🙂
      I am trusting my instinct at the end of the day which tells me not to be too worried about that.

      My parents said the same about Frosty going all right and taking all they need to keep growing! Yes, there’s not too much to go now, only one month and a half! 😱


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