Week 28 – Updates and post midwife check-in

Frosty’s development has changed gears and is accelerating! The check-in with the midwife went very well, and we look forward the next steps in this amazing journey.

Frosty’s developments

According to the Pregnancy+ app and other online trusted sources (such as Babycentre and MyBabyClub) Frosty’s weight will triplicate over the next weeks. At this stage of the pregnancy there is no way to forecast what kind of speed in growth Frosty will take, as every pregnancy and baby is very different. However, a good esteem of current Frosty’s weight should be around 1kg – 2.5lbs.

Their irises can now react to light and darkness by dilating the pupils, and the brain is able to manage and control their body temperature.

Apparently this is the time where Frosty will feel more energetic and can move pretty smoothly in the womb before they “outgrow” and start feeling tight in there. I have to say I can feel all this energy as Frosty has been waking me up at night more often with kicks and rolls!

Oven updates

I was noticing – mainly from some tights I wear at the gym – that my belly might have grown a little this week. When stepping to the scale I then realised my weight made quite a leap: walking at 49.7kg – 109.5lbs, while last week I weighed 48.8kg – 107.5lbs. It’s 900g in one week – 2lbs! 😱

From the front picture especially you can see that most likely I just technically gained weight, while Frosty did in fact gained instead: my belly looks very rounded, and anyone – even with no medical or baby experience at all – could feel the borders of my womb by touching my tummy. I have to echo my mum again when saying that ‘my belly is all about the baby‘.

I still do think I gained some fat tissues as well, although Franz disagrees completely. He said it can’t be, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible (yet) to spot Frosty’s workouts so clearly as you can see in the video below:

Midwife check-in appointment

Only good news from the appointment and check-in with the midwife: all the blood and urine checks came out fine, and even if my blood pressure remains low, it’s better this way than having high blood pressure. I was given the green lights to eat more liquorice 😛

What happens next?

Franz and I will focus on fine-tuning some logistics for when Frosty’s out: complete the carseat and carrycot setups, finish off moving stuff around in our office to make room for a changing station/nursery corner, and whatnot.

We’re also going to double check our shopping list to make sure we’ve got all the things to assemble the hospital bags: mine, Frosty’s and Franz’s. We do hope Frosty won’t make their appearance at least before Oct 5th (which is full term, while due date should be Oct 26th), but it’s better be safe than sorry.

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