Week 26 – Holidays report and big updates

I went to Sardinia that I looked a bit pregnant, I’m back in the UK looking a lot pregnant! Frosty’s made a huge growth leap over the last 10 days, and I’m home now feeling peaceful and refreshed. Ready for the next 3 month sprint!

Frosty’s developments

This last week of the second trimester marks the beginning of what I call the “refining growth time”: it’s bulking time for Frosty, while their brain and nervous system’s final setups are getting fine-tuned.

Their bones are all good to go now, however the joints aren’t completely ready yet: this final trimester will serve to complete that too.

Frosty’s practicing their breathing movements already – that’s when I feel them having hiccups! – and the frequency is increasing now, as I can feel them having hiccups a dozen times per day. It seems likes Frosty likes training as much as their parents!

Vacation time recap

Our staying in Cala Liberotto, Sardinia, has been perfect. I completely disconnected from the outside world, dedicating all my time thinking about Frosty, and myself. The only flaw was Franz missing, but he prefers to take time off when Frosty’s out. Wise husband.

I realised I did need that time to reset and get ready for the next few months at work and at home, where the real preparation for Frosty’s coming will begin soon.

I had fun with my parents and in-laws, ate good food (as always!), spent quality time with my family and friends, and relaxing.

In the very traditional myself-on-the-beach, I played beach tennis (or whatever you want to call it) several times. We have proof we did it, in case Frosty wonders in the future why they like playing that so much 🙂

Oven updates

Weight had a significant increase of nearly 1kg – around 2lbs! – as I moved up from last week 48.1kg – 106lbs – to current 48.9kg – 107.8 lbs.
It’s most likely a mix of “holidays food”, another round of breast enlargement (!), and mainly baby growth.

You can imagine the immense (and also, sometimes, over the line) joy of parents, family members and friends in seeing my bump getting bigger during these last 10 days of vacation. I guess the fact they could witness this change is priceless for them – especially for my parents – as they’ve always followed Frosty’s updates through pictures and blog posts.

Spoiler: that melon is pretty tiny!

What fascinates me the most about this bump and weight gain is the body composition change. My mother and other people keep saying “Stef’s ALL BABY, she didn’t gain fat yet!”, and I start thinking they’re right. The last time I weighed that very 48.9kg it was in 2017 at the end of a week of vacation in Canary Island. Posting here again the recent bump updates pictures next to the 2017 ones for a comparison.

I can actually see on the front pics that at the moment my belly is all uterus/baby. I can see of course some muscle loss, but all in all it seems indeed that all the weight I gained is Frosty’s (and breast, as said).

People got mad while watching my bump moving due to Frosty’s usual activity. I managed to catch a glimpse of that, but only the gentle kicks!

Frosty’s pokes are getting stronger and more frequent day by day. Last night I fell asleep with my hands on the bump: I poked the bump with a finger, waited a few moments, and Frosty returned back the poke. That made me so emotional as I’d never imagine I could establish a bond with my unborn baby.

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