Week 25 – Vacation time, and unexpected magnificent gifts

It’s vacation time, and things are quite hectic as expected. Frosty received one of the most wonderful gift ever! Their kicks are very much visible now, and grandparents love it.

Frosty’s developments

Frosty’s 50% energies are used this week to complete their brain development. In case we need a proof of that, we could put some music on, and we’ll feel (and see!) little Frosty reacting with a poke or a kick.

As we’re very close to the end of the second trimester, their lungs are nearly ready to go. The upcoming third trimester means also that it’s fat-gaining time for Frosty –and apparently, also for me.

Frosty’s kick are now very visible from the outside. The fact that I’m so lean facilitates this, so much that sometimes my bump moves like waves. It’s very funny to see – grandparents love it! – and it’s even more funny to feel that. I can feel where their head is depending on where my bumps leans to in term of inclination!

Frosty’s activity is increasing in frequency and intensity, so I guess the other 50% of their energies is used to kick my guts!

Vacation, vacation vacation

Currently writing from a sunny and fairly windy Cala Liberotto, Sardinia. I did need this time off so badly to reset my mind, get ready for the third trimester with Frosty and at work, and let Frosty breathe some clean air on the beach.

I’ll be spending the next five days here, but I’m based in my hometown, Nuoro, at my parents’. Franz’s parents joined us here so I’ll enjoy my beach time being pampered by the two couples of future grandparents!

Of course my bump has been – and it is! – the first and most important topic of the holiday. While it’s being challenging for me, I also know that this is normal coming from the people around me, and the grandparents; it’s the only way the outside world can acknowledge I’m growing Frosty.

I am trying to relax as much as possible, and to kick (pun intended) all my body image anxieties at the back of my head. It’s weird how I have no problem in publishing online pictures of me in underwear, but I am still terrified by showing my belly in swimsuit in real life, or walking with a food baby and an actual baby without wondering whether people are judging me, or can get I’m pregnant, not fat.

Oven updates

Weight slightly moved down to 48.1kg – 106lbs while last week was 48.3kg – 106.4lbs. I expect it to spike dramatically given the indulgence of the holidays (and Frosty’s fast growth), which is good news! My father took the pic this week in his living room before leaving for the beach place where we’re staying now.

The chart created by the pregnancy weight calculator, which uses my initial body weight at week 1 to pull out the data, says I should weigh between 52.6 and 55.5 kg this week. ¯(ツ)

I am not going to let this mess up with my head.

The most beautiful gift Frosty’s ever received so far

Whilst in Nuoro I am spending as much time as possible with Chiara, one of the most important people in my life. We know each other since we were kids, and we’ve never had a fight! We like to argument, but that’s another story 🙂

Chiara supported me immensely during my IVF path, and I’m so grateful I had her in that time of extreme need, although remotely. She’s true family, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised when she handed me her gift for Frosty.

In July 2020, Nasa will send a rover to Mars to initiate the studies and the process to bring humans to the Red Planet. Nasa offers the option to “buy” a boarding pass to virtually be part of the journey. When getting that ticket, your name will be stencilled on chips.

I’m very happy to announce that Frosty and their real name(s) are in now. My baby will be part of one of the greatest achievements in human history.

When Chiara gave me those two tickets while waiting for our pizzas to come, I couldn’t hold my tears – and they weren’t hormonal. It was sincere surprise, excitement and overwhelming love.

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