Week 33- Updates, workouts and finish lines

While Frosty is still busy putting up more fat and gains, I will spend some lines and words to share more information about my ongoing pregnancy gym routines, as many of you repeatedly asked about that.

Frosty’s developments

My baby is about to run out of room in this tiny, compressed oven. They should be around 42/45 cm long, and weighing a little more than 2kg (4lbs 6oz).
I can feel Frosty most of the time pushing my bladder when I’m standing up, squeezing my diaphragm and ribs when lying down, and I also noticed they have a particular affection for my right kidney, as they love to hug it.

Frosty’s digestive system is ready to go, while other crucial organs like the lungs would take some more time to fully mature. That is why I’m hoping I’ll be able to carry Frosty until full term at least – around October 3rd.

Oven updates

Moved down from last week 49.9kg (110lbs) to current 49.6kg (109.3lbs). While I was reading around that sometimes the weight gain can slow down during the last month of gestation, I am still not sure why I still struggle gaining.

Well, at the end of the day, I’ve been complaining about my entire pregnancy, so now I’m tired of it. The bump has grown substantially over this past week, and as long as it grows, I don’t care about the rest.

On the other hand, I’m sure I’ll be gaining weight right after the delivery. While the other women normally lose all the baby, placenta, and liquid weight, I will gain weight from all the food I will have that I couldn’t have for 9 months because potentially dangerous for the baby!

Workouts and energy management

I have been asked by many people several times about my workout routines during the pregnancy, as I just mentioned them in this blog without going into details. I won’t go deep into details anyway though, because one size doesn’t fit all. I don’t want to promote anything that works for me but that can’t be potentially harmful or unsafe for other women.

The graph below shows all my monthly MEPs activity from August 2017 until the first days of September 2019 – actually last week. MEPs is the metric by which everything is measured in the fitness tracking system I use. They are earned by exercising in my target heart rate zones over a period of time. The more effort I put into each of my workouts, the more MEPs I earn.

The lowest month is March 2019, when I was 2 months pregnant and I took it super easy: it was more long gentle walks and very light activities, then as soon as I touched the end of the first trimester I started building up a solid weight and strength training routine.

I never thought I’d be able to score more MPEs than the epic December 2017, when I was in an extremely perfect pick shape – let alone whilst being pregnant! Nevertheless, my new routines – especially from the end of the second trimester – really and positively challenge me, triggering more energy consumption.

The reason why I won’t go into much details is because I’m well aware that not everyone could endure the workout routines I’ve been and am doing during my pregnancy. I’ve been blessed with an amazing pregnancy so far with no problems whatsoever; if anything, growing this baby gave me more energy and motivation to stay active. And if I don’t channel out these energies, I struggle even more with my (pretty bad) sleep.

I’ve always been fit and active since I was a little girl, and I built up my strength at the gym many months before starting my IVF journey. I basically came well prepared at the pregnancy-time workout.
The final goal was to get pregnant and still be able to train as I wasn’t pregnant. And this is pretty much what happened!

I had to drop a lot of weight in the lower body routine (around 30/50kg), to avoid putting too much pressure to the torso and the uterus (better safe than sorry), while I kept loading up in my upper body – my arms must be strong to rock the baby, and I had to strengthen my back muscles to balance the extra pressure on my core due to the bump growing.

At the moment, being 8.5 months pregnant, I can still leg press 4×12 at 117kg and deadlift 4×10 at 55/60kg without feeling strained or exhausted.

On top of my upper/lower body split routines, I also added a section of steady cardio and 30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio once per week. The goal is to improve my general stamina and resistance, and mimic the ups and downs of the contractions during labour by replicating the heartbeat spikes and rest time through the HIIT. My hope is to arrive at the moment to push the baby out without being too exhausted by a potential long labour.

It’s a full week of appointments

Our first antenatal class went very well. We met other six couples who are due at around our same time. The information provided during the class is useful, and explained in a way that’s also easy to understand and remember.

This week is going to be a busy one Frosty-appointments wise: next Tuesday I’ll get the (hopefully) final scan to figure out how Frosty is placed in my womb, and get an esteem of their final size and growth at the time of the birth.

On Thursday I will meet with my midwife for a routine check-in, and to confirm all the detail around my birth plan.

There will be another couple of meetings and check-ins with my GP and midwife over the next weeks, and I do hope I will attend them being still pregnant. My main concern now, in fact, is not to go into labour prematurely.

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