Week 31- The hormones rollercoaster never stops!

Frosty’s busy checking out their fully developed five senses; meanwhile, I’m busy trying to manage my hormonal status which seems not to get better despite I’m already 8 months pregnant!

Frosty’s developments

Frosty has fully developed all their five senses by now, and are very busy in the oven tasting the amniotic liquid, listening to voices (yes, my dear baby, I’m a chitter-chatter, and your dad is a live ongoing radio!), breathing and reaching whatever they can reach.

Apparently they’re now the size of a little pumpkin, weighting around 1.7kg – 3.7lbs. I still think my baby is tinier though (see also GP followup below).

I noticed some new movements last week, and I thought it was only my imagination. The GP instead told me I sensed it correctly, as Frosty has now turned upside down, ready for birth. They haven’t stopped rolling from one side to another of my torso, creating funny lumps.

Oven updates

Gaining weight this week, which is good news. Moved from last week 49.3kg (108.6lbs) to 49.5kg (109lbs).
If I consider last Sunday weigh-in of 48.8kg (107.5lb) which I don’t consider as an official measurement, the weight gain is even better.

I have the feeling my breast has grown again this week, though I can still fit the few bras I can use at the moment. They’re tight but at least I don’t feel any pain while moving around (my breast is sore more than often!).
My mother suggests to shopping for nursery bras in 15 days, so I’ll trust her and wait.

Hormonal ups and downs never stop! HALP!

They said (and when I say they I mean basically everywhere online and offline) my hormones should have stabilised at some point during the second trimester. Well, I’m entering the 8th month of gestation and I’m still hostage of my hormones rollercoaster.

An example? This has just happened: upon checking the weight I had a happy and joyful moment of celebration, as finally after 2 weeks of dropping weight I see a sign of my baby being healthy and growing okay, because I’m too gaining weight.
Two minutes later, I started crying all the tears I had upon seeing the pictures of myself above, as I don’t recognise myself anymore in my own skin.

Franz observed me in silence, then said: “Your mother is right, you are beautiful.”
I am so sorry for Franz who has to hang in here with me and my ups and downs, and I’m also sorry for myself when things just don’t go as I expect, then trigger such reactions.

I can’t describe how impossible and hard is to control such ups and downs sometimes, and to realise they are happening before they take over my reactions. I think I’ve been quite good so far managing this thanks to all the IVF “preparation” and experience I’ve gone through, but still sometimes hormones just overwhelm me. If you have any piece of advice to spare about that, please let me know.

GP appointment and followup

I went to the GP for a check-in appointment. All the usual suspects were all right – blood pressure, urine samples, and all that jazz.
Frosty’s heart was strong and lively, beating at 142bpm.
The GP confirmed that they’ve already placed upside down, and also confirmed through the fundal height measurement that Frosty’s still slightly below the average in terms of growth. The GP isn’t concerned about that as I’m too below the average in terms of size.

What’s next in Frosty’s followup appointments

The next booked appointment is a scan scheduled for Sep 10th, which is still quite far. This scan should give us a solid esteem of Frosty’s size at the moment of birth.

There’s another event booked before this scan: the first antenatal class on Sep 2nd. We still have 10 days or so to go before that, and so many other things to sort out meanwhile! 😱

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