Week 22 – Euro trips and updates

I have been on the road (with only less than 24 hours at home!) from June 14th: during this time my abs gave up and showed Frosty’s bump. Lots of love at WordCamp Europe for our little Frosty 🙂

Frosty’s developments

The most important news is that by the end of this 22nd week of gestation, Frosty should be able to survive in the very unfortunate case of a premature birth. They’ve gained a substantial amount of weight this week to make it possible – you will see it below from my bump!

Frosty now measures more than 30cm, and weighs around half a kilo! Think of a coconut size.

London trip report

I had such a great time in London with my colleagues.

It’s been a great and inspiring meetup for me, and Frosty sort of behaved, although I had to spend a lot of time standing up, walking and rocking my belly whilst attending the meetings. Frosty doesn’t like when I sit down for more than 15 minutes, that’s a fact!

Happiness Team Leads in London – meetup June 2019

My colleagues have been very sweet with me and Frosty. They asked me many questions, and sounded genuinely interested in Frosty.
One of them, Josh, knitted a lovely beanie with gender neutral colours: I LOVE IT!

Thank you Josh, I LOVE IT! ❤

I also found out that two colleagues of mine have gone though IVF for having their kids too! It’s the first time ever that I was sitting (well, I also needed to stand up for a while!) at a table with other IVF parents.
It’s been so great to share our different and yet similar experiences.

This is also a sign that IVF is more common that we think. It’s just people don’t talk about it, and it’s a real shame!

Berlin and WordCamp Europe

Writing this part of the post after a quick and intense cry in my hotel room here in Berlin, right after the end of WordCamp Europe.
I attended the conference as a sponsorship person for Jetpack, and I spent two days at our sponsor booth talking with people about our product and beyond. As a support person I really enjoy this part of my job!

I had the chance to see so many friends I haven’t seen in a while; an unexpected ridiculous number of people stopped by to say hello to Frosty, and to congratulate me (and Franz) for the baby incoming.

I found this overwhelming in the best and most wonderful positive way possible: I have never felt so much love around me coming from so many different “sources”: colleagues, friends, acquaintances, Jetpack users and random attendees who spotted my “Baby on board” pin and wanted to ask something about Frosty, just because it’s nice to talk about a new life about to start.

Frosty is a lucky baby: they’re not in this world yet, but they already have a hundred million ton of love ready to go in case Franz’s and mine isn’t enough.

Knowing that my unborn baby is so loved and supported makes me feel utterly happy and excited. Franz and I are so privileged to have all these people in our lives.

Oven updates

Radical changes are in place this week. The womb has moved up 2cm above my belly button. This caused some discomfort in my abdominal muscles (feeling stretchy) as well as in my ribs cage (aches and pain!), especially if I don’t have frequent and small-ish meals.

Current weight is 47.7kg – 105.1lbs ; last week was at at 47.5kg – 104.7lbs.

I mentioned multiple times that I get bloated when flying, and now with Frosty it gets even worse. I took my weekly check-in pictures in Reading before catching the plane, and after when I landed (and showered) in Berlin.

Please also note that I had lunch and a snack before taking the second photos, though I don’t think that makes a lot of difference in the bloating you can see in the Berlin’s pics.

Next appointments

On July 4th I’ll have the Glucose Tolerance Test at the hospital to exclude any potential gestational diabetes. That’s going to be a tough test for me as it requires to walk to the hospital by fasting and WITH NO COFFEE AT ALL 😱

I’m sure I will survive, but I don’t expect to have a nice day afterwards: if I don’t take my caffeine intake soon-ish after I wake up, the headache I get will last the entire day, whether I end up having coffee or not.

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